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22 Years of Service: 1992-2014

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We are in the process of reconfiguring our website, and re-establishing a working shopping cart (which crashed after a "server migration" by our web host, which they couldn't fix). At long last we are able to access our website again in order to make updates, which we are working on now even while waiting for the reconstruction of our site. Everything listed here is always available. Plus, 22 of our most popular videos are available on DVD at the same price (most of our English videos and 4 of our 7 Services in Russia). We also are in the process of converting our audio tapes to CD. We apologize that our shopping cart is not working at the present.

Until our shopping cart is working again, please place your orders either by e-mail (info@firebirdvideos.com) or by phone (313-535-9080, between noon and 8pm, Eastern time). We apologize for the inconvenience. We are always pleased to answer your questions. If you wish us to call you, please provide your phone #, and indicate the best time to call, and your time zone.

Contents of this page:

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bullet1. About Our Mission
bullet2. About Our Company
bullet3. About Our Products
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bullet4. About Our Website
bullet5. Company Profile
bullet6. Why the name FIREBIRD?
bullet7. Why the name ST. INNOCENT?
bullet8. St. Innocent Church Website
bullet9. Contact Information

1. About Our Mission

ST. INNOCENT/FIREBIRD's mission is to create a variety of high quality educational materials, especially videos, about the Orthodox Christian Faith and its diverse cultural expressions. ST. INNOCENT/ FIREBIRD's ministry also seeks to assist people who wish to enhance their personal prayer/spiritual life, by providing audio cassettes of chanted prayers and Psalms, and videos of Divine Services. These also provide a service to the sight-impaired, home-bound, elderly and those who live far from an Orthodox church.

2. About Our Company

ST. INNOCENT/ FIREBIRD is an educational ministry of St. Innocent Religious (Monastic) Community in Redford, Michigan, and its primary means of support. ST. INNOCENT/ FIREBIRD produces and distributes videos, audios and books about different aspects of the Orthodox Church --- its Faith, history, practices, sacred arts, liturgical and spiritual life, saints' lives, and its different ethnic and cultural expressions.  Creating these items is our sole, full-time ministry. We are America's primary producer of: Orthodox videos in English; audio cassettes of chanted prayers, akathists and Psalms in English; Divine Services in Russia; and the primary supplier of videos made in Russia about the Orthodox Church. We intend for our work to express the unity-within-diversity of Orthodox Christianity, and to contribute to promoting unity in America among the different ethnic expressions of the one Orthodox Faith.

3. About Our Products

(Click on the underlined hyperlinks to go directly to the page for that item.)
(For a complete listing of 95 of our 113 products, with hyperlinks to each page, click on: PRODUCT LIST.)
Our diverse 87 videotapes in English and in Russian range in subject matter from the Life of St. Innocent of Alaska; to Divine Services in Russia, Alaska and a Michigan monastery; to how to make Orthodox Prayer Ropes and Prosfora, with a separate video available of just the Proskomedia; to the complete Consecration of Bishop Irineu; to the history, sacred arts, monasteries, churches and other places in Russia; to lectures by American hierarchs; and to the present day life of the Orthodox Church and her faithful in Russia.
We have produced English voice-overs of some of the outstanding Russian-made videos about the Orthodox Church that we distribute. The first English voice-over versions of two of our most popular Russian videos were completed in May 2002:  The Life of Grand Duchess St. Elizabeth Fedorovna Romanova and The Great Church of Russia: Christ the Savior Cathedral. Between December 2002 and February 2003, we  released an additional 7 English voice-overs of outstanding Russian videos about the Orthodox Church. Plus the complete GREAT CONSECRATION OF CHRIST THE SAVIOR CATHEDRAL was released in October 2003.
On November 1st and 2nd, 2002, in Detroit, Michigan, eight bishops of different jurisdictions, presided over by His Beatitude, Metropolitan Herman, Primate of the Orthodox Church in America, celebrated a momentous event in the life of the Orthodox Church in North America --- the consecration of an auxiliary bishop of the Romanian Episcopate (OCA). We produced and directed the official 3-camera video-taping of the complete Divine Services, plus a 1-camera production of the Banquet and reception. We have now completed all the very extensive post-production editing, and have released the complete, official videotapes of the CONSECRATION OF BISHOP IRINEU, available on 4 videos, (which may be purchased separately or together). These include the 4-hour, 2-video set of the complete HIERARCHAL DIVINE LITURGY (#VE-27); VESPERS & RECEPTION, with the Announcement of the Election and Calling of the Candidate to the Office of Bishop (2 hours, #VE-28); and the CONSECRATION BANQUET (2 hours, #VE-29). There is a $25.00 discount on the purchase of the complete set of 4 tapes (#VE-30).  These are beautiful, all-digital, carefully-edited, professional productions. We have also finished a HIGHLIGHTS OF THE CONSECRATION OF BISHOP IRINEU video that is 80 minutes (#VE-31).
We offer 15 audio recordings. Our own 14 all-English audio-books include the Indication of the Way Into the Kingdom of Heaven, written by St. Innocent of Alaska; the complete chanted Psalms in a set of 4 cassettes; and 8 cassettes of chanted prayers and Akathist hymns, available individually or in two sets of 4. In addition, to satisfy requests for audio recordings in Slavonic/Russian, we are distributing two Slavonic items: a beautiful liturgical music recording, the Divine Liturgy, sung in Slavonic by the Russian Liturgical Singers, conducted by George Margitich, the successor to Serge Jaroff and the Don Cossack Choir, available on CD and cassette. We also have added a second CD by the same group: Russian Sacred Music and Folk Songs. This is a newly released sequel to the first CD, and is a recent digitally remastered version of the original 1973 recording. It contains 12 folk selections and 12 sacred selections. (Until we get this added to the web site and shopping cart, please contact us by e-mail or phone about ordering it.)
Our 8 books make the Orthodox Faith understandable and accessible to the thoughtful reader. They include: an expanded new third edition of the Lives and Icons of 34 (mostly) recently glorified/canonized Orthodox saints, with 38 photos; "The Orthodox Church and Society: the Basis of the Social Concept of the Russian Orthodox Church," the authoritative document adopted by the Council of Bishops of the Orthodox Church in Russia, presenting and supporting the Orthodox Church's position on the many contemporary ethical issues facing society, both public and personal; a concise study of the theme of "unity" in Orthodox theology, architecture, icons, hymns, the Bible and sacraments (mysteries); and a children's Christmas play with carols written by a gifted child. 
Take advantage of the valuable educational mission opportunity that occurs at weddings, Baptisms and First Confessions, by teaching about the meaning of Orthodox Holy Sacraments/Mysteries. Distribute our attractive, inexpensive, 5 x 8, single-fold pamphlet (4-pages), with an icon on the front, that clearly explains the meaning of the major elements of each of these Sacraments/ Mysteries. These pamphlets are also ideal for parish education programs for teens and adults.
The pamphlets are printed on your choice of attractive pink, blue or tan parchment paper, and are available in convenient and economical packs of 25 for $10.
The third pamphlet that we prepared is: The Sacrament of Holy Confession. It explains what Confession is, why we go to Confession, the relationship between Confession and Holy Communion, First Confession, and how often we should go to Confession. This pamphlet is ideal to give out at a child's First Confession, and is written primarily for this purpose. However it is also useful as an introduction to preparing anyone of any age for First Confession, as well as to use as an educational tool for people of all ages, to help them understand more about this greatly misunderstood sacred Mystery of the Church. For this reason, we are posting the entire text on our web site. Click here to read the text: The Sacrament of Holy Confession.
Beautiful large (4 x 6) all-occasion card, with a lovely icon of St. Innocent of Alaska, Apostle to America and Metropolitan of Moscow. The icon was written/painted by Fr. Luke Dingman. It is on extra heavy, glossy card-stock, single-fold, blank inside.
Do you want to share our wonderful products with someone as a gift, but aren't sure what the person would like best? Why not give one of our attractive gift certificates for any amount, with a stunning color photo of Ascension Cathedral on Unalaska Island, originally built by St. Innocent of Alaska.
For a complete concise list of all our 113 products, with a
hyperlink to each page, go to our PRODUCTS LIST page.
Print out that page for your convenience.

(All of our items are listed and depicted on this web site, with a separate page for most of our items.)



4. About Our Website

On our website we have separate pages for each of 95 products: 69 videos (with more on the way), 15 audios, 8 books, 3 pamphlets and gift certificates. To view the pages for these items, click on the category buttons on the left, at the top, or see the entire list of all 95 items (with hyperlinks to each category and item page) on our Product List. We are still working on reconfiguring our secure shopping-cart capabilities, so you may safely order on-line, (after our former web-host knocked it out).

In addition to our products, since the purpose of our ST. INNOCENT/ FIREBIRD work is to promote Orthodox education, and to create materials to do so, we have developed and completed three series of photo-articles, so that we may offer some educational materials right here on our web site. 

bullet(1) The first series of 10 photo-articles is ARTICLES: Saints' Lives, and includes icons, and photos of where the saints' relics are located, and where they lived and worked.
bullet(2) The second series of 4 photo-articles, ARTICLES: Icons & Relics, includes a collection of other related articles: (1) What is Orthodoxy Sunday? (2) Why Icons? (3) Why Saints?  and (4) Why Relics?
bullet(3) The third series of 6 photo-articles is about different holy places and sites of pilgrimage in Russia, including Valaam. (ARTICLES: Beautiful Russia)
bullet (4) In commemoration of the Feast of the Transfiguration of our Lord, 2002, we added a new article, entitled: The Transfiguration: Old Testament Presence in New Testament Event, to which we have added 9 icons that illustrate what is being said.

We might in the future, if time allows, add further articles, including new Saints' Lives articles from time to time, and also to add  Beautiful Russia articles on Irkutsk, Siberia, and other Russian sites, and to start a fourth section on beautiful places of pilgrimage in Alaska.

In addition to the Photo-Articles, we also offer 3 other sections for prayer and meditation:

bullet(1) PRAYERS for the Journey Along The Way. We now have 9 prayers: #1, Daily Offering Prayer; #2, Thank You; #3, Your Presence; #4, Holiness; #5, Overcoming Self; #6, Trust; #7, Security,   #8, Suffering, and  #9, Death. (You may click on the titles of each prayer, to go right to that page.)
bullet(2) an extended Meditation on the Holy Spirit, in the form of a 10-part poem/prayer/meditation on the popular hymn, "O HEAVENLY KING." 
bullet(3) and another new page, added after the atrocities of September 11, 2001,  REFLECTIONS on Love & Hate, Injustice & Truth. These are five short poem-prayer-meditations, to help remind us about our priorities as Christians, lest we throw away the Divine Image within us and become like the hate-filled, revengeful people who perpetrate terrorist atrocities and mass-murder.

So do keep checking back with us, and please tell others about our web site.

Keep scrolling down for more information about our company and web site.

We are busy creating new videos about the Orthodox Faith for you. We hope eventually to finally be able to create another DVD in our Saints' Lives series,
the Life of St. Herman of Alaska,
which will be the second in our pioneering video series,
The Lives of Orthodox Saints.
In the meantime, we are working on what will be an on-going series entitled
We have completed writing the text for the first four of the series, and are half-way done in creating the video component for the first one. To read the texts for these DVD's, (which can stand alone as educational essays), view them here:

What in the World is the Orthodox Church? Vol 1: A First Introduction to the Orthodox Christian Faith, (a tool for Orthodox evangelism), by St. Innocent Religious Community

What in the World is the Orthodox Church? Vol 2: Why Do Orthodox Churches Look the Way They Do? An Explanation of the Orthodox Temple's Interior, by St. Innocent Religious Community

What in the World is the Orthodox Church, Vol 3; An Introduction to Orthodox Christian Worship, Part 1: The Divine Liturgy, by St. Innocent Religious Community

What in the World is the Orthodox Church, Vol 4; An Introduction to Orthodox Christian Worship, Part 2: Divine Services other than the Divine Liturgy & Sacraments, by St. Innocent Religious Community

If you wish to take a moment to give us your comments and reactions,
we would appreciate it.  Thank you. 
May the Lord and His holy angels bless, guard and protect you.

5. Company Profile

ST. INNOCENT/FIREBIRD is a Michigan non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation founded in June 1988, (originally with the name of RUSSIAN TREASURES, INC.), whose purpose is to produce educational and religious materials for public education.  In 1992 FIREBIRD began producing videos, audios and books. 
bulletIn the Fall of 1992, in FIREBIRD's first catalog, 6 items were released. 
bulletBy 1999, in FIREBIRD's seventh catalog, the number of items increased to 51: 30 videos, 13 audios, 6 books and 2 pamphlets. 
bulletAfter releasing an additional 29 items in March-October of 2001, 80 items were offered: 53 videos, 16 audios, 8 books, 2 pamphlets and gift certificates.

In December of 2002, 92 items were available: 65 videos, 15 audios, 8 books, 2 pamphlets, 1 icon card and gift certificates. The 92 items include some videos made in Russia, which are being distributed as a service to our customers and to raise funds, to enable ST. INNOCENT/ FIREBIRD to expand its primary work of producing English educational videos about Orthodoxy. 

Since 2003 and 2004 numerous additional items haave been added, including English voice-overs of 9 of our most popular Russian-made videos. Also, most of our English videos and Divine Services videos have been converted to DVD and are available for the same price as the VHS format.

At long last, the Lord has blessed us by being able to upgrade our video camera and editing equipment to a state-of-the art digital system, so that we now can create even better quality videos for you. Our first digital work was the pioneering video, Life of St. Innocent of Alaska (which is our masterpiece), and Orthodoxy in Siberia: Elevation of the Holy Cross Feast Day, which show the high quality that will characterize all our future video productions. This digital editing system also now allows us to make English voice-overs of some of the many outstanding videos being made in Russia about the Orthodox Faith and Church life today. Nine of these voice-overs have been completed, with more translations being worked on. (See our What's New section for information about all these new videos.)

In 1991 and 1995 FIREBIRD also organized and conducted "art and religion" pilgrimage-tours of Russia to encounter the icons and holy places of Russia.

ST. INNOCENT/FIREBIRD is guided by the Board of Directors of St. Innocent Religious (Monastic) Community, comprised of priests and lay people of diverse backgrounds.  The head bishops/ metropolitans of many ethnic jurisdictions of the Orthodox Church in North America gave their blessings and endorsement to our work, especially for the two new video series that we have begun for Orthodox education: The Lives of Orthodox Saints and The World of Orthodoxy (What in the World is the Orthodox Church?).

6. Why the name FIREBIRD?

Our name is derived from one of the most popular of all Russian folk tales - the firebird.   The story is about a simple and humble maiden whose embroidery work was the most beautiful in all the world.  She rejected all offers of riches and glory for her handiwork.  One day a wicked sorcerer came to the maiden, disguised as a handsome youth, trying to lure her away with promises of untold wealth and marvels, to embroider for him alone.  When she refused, he turned her into a firebird, and, turning himself into a falcon, carried her away.  But the maiden wanted to leave something of beauty behind, and so, as she died in the falcon's claws, she shed all of her magnificent feathers, which floated down to the earth.  However, they were no ordinary feathers, but magical ones, which only those who love beauty, and who seek to make beauty for others, can see and admire. 

ST. INNOCENT/FIREBIRD Videos, Audios & Books is dedicated to making beauty for others, and to making known the profound beauty that exists in the Orthodox Church: in all aspects of the unsurpassed splendor of her Divine Worship and wealth of her prayers; her icons, music, architecture and other sacred arts; and the beauty of holiness found in the lives of her saints, and in the spiritual depths of the Orthodox Faith.

7. Why the name ST. INNOCENT?

The purposes of adding the name ST. INNOCENT to our previous FIREBIRD name, which we have used since 1992, are to reflect:


(1) that our work is the major part of the educational ministry of the St. Innocent (of Alaska) Orthodox Religious (Monastic) Community;


(2) our association with St. Innocent (of Irkutsk) Orthodox Church in Redford, Michigan, in metro-Detroit;

bullet(3) the Orthodox basis of our educational ministry;

(4)  and our devotion to both St. Innocent, Bishop of Irkutsk, and to St. Innocent of Alaska, Apostle to America and Metropolitan of Moscow.


Since August 1, 2001, we have been hosting the web site of St. Innocent Orthodox Church in Redford, Michigan, here on this website. It contains numerous photos of the icons that cover the walls, and explains, "Who is St. Innocent?"  Please click on the hyperlink and check it out. The church also has a separate website that maintains a calendar that is updated weekly, which you might wish to visit: www.stinnocentchurch.com (and .org).

9. Contact Information

313-535-9080 (Call first)
Postal address:
9452 Hazelton, Redford, MI  48239-1138, USA
Contact person:
Executive Director:
Dr. Jane M. deVyver, M.A., M.Th., Ph.D.


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