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 VII.   BOOKS (in English)


B-8. VISIONS of Love & Life & Beaut
*  by Dr. Jane M. deVyver  *
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76 pp.; 7 B & W photos; 5½ x 8½; 1994
ISBN 1881211-18-5
PRICE:  $10.00



This is a collection of 49 poems by a contemporary Orthodox poet, which are reflections on love, life, beauty and spirituality from an Orthodox perspective.

Included are:

Burning Ball of Fire

Without the Word

Wrapped in Dew

Here Am I, Send Me

Filled With the Fullness

The Little Child Inside


The Rape of Lady Justice

The Source of Beauty

Holy Icon, Sacred Image

All who Seek After Truth

Includes appropriate quotes and 6 photos reflecting the themes. 
The entire book is attractively printed on pink parchment paper.